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The phrase ‘shadow of death’ in Psalms 23 portrays death as a deep shadow or as deep darkness. This image of death compliments the metaphor of the shepherd because the shepherd at times has to lead his flock to feeding grounds across ravines with sharp cliffs. Apart from the risk of a slippery foot, chances are high that these ravines are inhabited by wild animals like Leopards. Yet the sheep that follow in the path of the shepherd don’t need to worry about cliffs or predators because the shepherd shall fight them off.
The darkness among ravines symbolizes different seasons in David’s life. His victory over Goliath was a turning point for both good and bad. The good was he unconsciously won the hearts of people in Israel. The bad was Saul envied him so badly that he wanted him dead.
Death followed David everywhere. In Keilah, Philistines fled before him. Next, David had to run for his own life. When God guided David to the throne he actually walked him through the valley of the shadow of death, (as a shepherd leads his flock to green pastures over the valley of death) and God’s hand of deliverance was over him even in the valley of death. His presence in David’s life was more powerful than the ever-presented shadow of death.

Friends, Problems are not absent in life. There are certain seasons however where our very existence is threatened. Nevertheless, I want you to keep it at the back of your mind that God’s presence in your life is more powerful than the ever-presented shadow of death.
Thank you for Reading ❤️


Dear Gentle Reader, I pray you had a restful weekend and if you are reading this and your weekend was full of worry, confusion, and tears, I am sending you grace, warm hugs and joy unspeakable.

Ours was eventful. Uncle Sam, Aunty Hellen and family paid us a visit and because, Kenyan elections are set for Tuesday this week and all schools are closed, they came with all their five children.

The brunch was initially scheduled for Saturday, but they decided to postpone it to Sunday, and we had to reschedule it too but with second thoughts because Sunday is church day and coming back home to host visitors is a total hustle. Also, where we live water is pumped on Sunday and a better part of the day there is no water in the house because we live on 3rd floor where water takes forever to arrive. Nobody wants to host many babies in a house where there is no water even if it’s for a minute. Nevertheless, we had done a lot of postponing and we just had to host this brunch no matter the challenges.

When we had a hoot on the gate Nick shouted ‘Woi, they have arrived, and water hasn’t reached our house yet!!’. By this time, I was anxious numb and tired all at the same time, I didn’t know how to react, so I remained quiet. Thank God they arrived and a few minutes later, we had the water trickle into the house. You needed to have seen the relief in our eyes when we had that first drop.

Oh boy! I was happy to see Neema and Paul whom I hadn’t seen in a while because they are boarders in high schools.

Neema goes to Kenya High Girls school, the best girl’s school in the country where all the best performing girls go to. And Paul goes to Alliance Boys High school also, the best boy’s school in the country where all the best performing boys go to.

The rest of the babies are still in Primary School and one of them Anita, who is a candidate and hopes to sit her last examination this year before transitioning to high school didn’t enjoy the visit as much because she was attending an online class. It was so hilarious to see her seated at the corner of the house with her tablet and headphones seriously attending a class and even answering questions while the rest of us laugh loudly at every kind of jokes. Now that’s the disadvantage of advancement in technology because during our time in Primary School, every time we closed down school, there was never another way to attend classes and so we enjoyed every bit of our holidays and only remembered our books the day before schools opening.

Nick had downloaded the movie planet earth, and this kept everyone glued to the TV. I remember this episode where two lions were preying on a baby giraffe and almost took advantage of it, but baby giraffe kicked one of the lions and stepped on it several times and everyone shouted with joy at the victory of baby giraffe. It was so humbling to witness the co-existence of wild animals in the desert, the forest and deep waters as captured by the producers of planet earth movie.

We ate lots of dishes during this brunch. Assortment of fruits, Chicken stew, Beef Stew, Potato chips, Chapati’s, Fried rice, vegetables, Ugali and finally a cup of tea or a glass of juice or both. We had a few foods fail for example, the rice wasn’t as soft as I had thought, if only I tasted the rice while on the fire, I would have added more water but my bad, I didn’t taste it. The potato chips which I had cooked earlier also was slightly hard by the time it was being served. We tried warming the chips on the microwave which helped a bit but still it wasn’t as soft as I had planned and lastly the chicken. The chicken was delivered late, and I had to try cook it fast but even by the time we were serving it, it wasn’t as soft as I had wanted it to be. Nevertheless, the visitors ate everything, so I don’t know whether the foods fail was all in my head or they love hard foods lol…

Time runs so fast when people are having a good time, I don’t know how we got to 5: 30p.m and they had to leave. So, we did a few introductions to the new faces who had attended the brunch too and then everybody was asked to say a few words. When it was Paul’s turn to speak, he just smiled and said he had nothing to say then Nick taught him what to always say in any gathering when he is given time to talk. He taught him using a story.

In this story he said a friend of his who is an old student of Alliance Boys High School was attending a funeral. Everyone was given a chance to speak at the funeral and he appeared composed as though he had a lot to say . However, when it was his time to speak, he went like this…

‘Praise the Lord everyone my name is Nick and I went to Alliance Boys High School. Thank you!’ and everyone clapped and laughed hard as he walked back to his seat.

Nick cracked us up with this story but at the end of the day, Paul learnt the relevant words to always say when asked to say a few words in any gathering.

We prayed together and escorted them to the car and waved as they disappeared in thin air. I thank God for the gift of family, I thank God for opportunity to meet, not for funeral but for laughter and good food.

Thank you ALL for reading. I wish y’all a blessed week full of God’s blessings.

Music Mondays- Take It To Jesus by Anna Golden feat Kari Jobe

When your questions don’t have answers and you just can’t understand it When your mind just won’t stop running and the tears just keep on coming You don’t have to explain it He hears you before you can speak Come with me, let’s take it to Jesus I love the lyrics of Take It To […]

Music Mondays- Take It To Jesus by Anna Golden feat Kari Jobe

This is one of the Pacs of being on WordPress ☺️☺️ God leads friends to share posts suitable for the moment you are in. God bless you Dad for sharing this.

Listening on repeat mode.

Y’all check this out.

Always The Same

Hebrews 13:8 N.I.V, “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.” Aren’t you thankful that Jesus never changes? He remains the same. Yesterday, today, and forever, He loves us just the same. Sometimes we have bad days, sometimes we have good days. Some days our faith is strong, while other days we feel […]

Always The Same

This post reminds of the old time hymn:

On Christ the solid rock I stand
All other ground is sinking sand
All other ground is sinking sand

And it’s very timely. Check it out❤️


Dear Gentle Reader, I have had a tough time in the past months dealing with someone in my inner circle who is a gaslighter. The person usually makes the world stand still when I offend them by mistake or without forethought, and they won’t allow it to move until I own up to my mistake plus own up to how stupid and worthless, I am to have offended them. However, when they offend me, they have a truck of excuses to justify their offence. For some time, I have learnt to swallow all that in, but I realized when you swallow in every injustice that you experience, the devil stores the offence in your heart and eventually you become worse than the original gaslighter.

Indeed, for a while I listened to the trail of thoughts on my head, and I realized I was soon going to be worse than the original gaslighter and so I decided I was going to arrest those thoughts before they manifest in the physical. I decided I wasn’t going to let him change me.

Friends I know I am not alone in this, y’all have interacted with a gaslighter or are interacting currently and worse off is when you are a Christian because the gaslighter makes sure they attack what is so close to your heart. You have heard statements like this from someone who has offended you already, ‘Is that how Christians behave?’…’You are worst than me who doesn’t even read the Bible’’and so on and so forth. Such statements bruise your heart big time and fills you with doubt about your Christianity and If you aren’t mature enough, you might end up doubting God. DON’T DO THAT.

It is easy for someone tell you “Why not go and see a counsellor’ but what if your medical insurance doesn’t cover the costs of a professional counsellor? or what if you are an African like me who the only counsellor, they see is the ICU attendant when things have gotten out of hand? lol… So today I will say if you CAN please visit a counsellor’s office when you find yourself in the same bedroom, same house, or same office with a gaslighter. But if you are an ‘African’, then look up. Your help will only come from above.

I am going to quote two scriptures below.

Psalms 121:1-1 I lift my eyes to the hills. From where does my help come? my help comes from the Lord,

Proverbs 18:10 The name of the LORD is a fortified tower; the righteous run to it and are safe.

Friends, the biggest problem we have as Christians is that we don’t know the God we serve and so we doubt Him or take Him for granted. That is why when faced with such trials we revert to ‘helping ourselves’ and then we remove God out of the equation. Oh, what a desperate move!

That’s when we bow to the voice of the enemy. He shouts in our head, ‘Why not just divorce?’…’Why not just walk away from this job?’…’Why can’t you fight this person?’…’why don’t you just stop going to church so that he can be happy and give you peace?’…’why don’t you just link up with your ex-girlfriend who is still single and have some good sex’ and so on and so forth. Oh, what a noisy head?

The sad news is that you could be reading this, and you already bowed to the voice of the enemy and allowed the gaslighter to CHANGE YOU! Oh, what a short-term solution?

I want to remind you that the same God who did wonders in the Bible is still the same God today. Your help can only come from Him. I want to encourage y’all to go back to the old rugged cross where you PRAYED ABOUT ALL THINGS.

Every time you find yourself in tough situations, stop helping yourself you are only giving the enemy a foothold, PRAY. And when you pray don’t approach God with many words, BE SPECIFIC. Tell it how it is, narrate it how you would narrate it to a friend only this time you are on your knees. And taking emotional breaks to cry is okay. I mean, you are talking to your friend so why fear being messy? This is your time to make it noisy and messy, let God know if He doesn’t come for a rescue mission on your behalf you are done because you are losing it. And throw in a few scriptures and a few instances in the Bible where Gods might was evident because God obeys His word and He always comes down with power and authority to defend it. Trust me He will come with every army available and sufficient for your battle.

I hear people say, ‘I prayed but God didn’t respond’. Oh, what a big lie.

I want to encourage y’all to create quiet time within your day however busy you are. If you have babies, even the washroom is a perfect place for your quiet time. Get into the bathroom, take that long warm shower and be quiet. If you can put on your favorite worship song by Elevation Choir, DO IT. Just make sure that environment is favorable for the voice of God to be louder than the voices in your head and the voices in the world. If you can take that quiet evening walk DO IT. You want to make sure you can hear God’s voice speaking clearly with no distractions.

God’s help is sustainable. When he gives you a way out of something and He finds you in a state of mind called OBEDIENT, then you can be sure that problem is over and done with and you don’t have to go back to it another time. God’s word is a secret weapon against the enemy. He can make you walk on deep waters, and you don’t drown, He can make you walk on fire and they don’t burn you, in-fact the people who throw you in the fire are themselves burnt but for you, the Bible says when Shadrack Meshack and Abednego were thrown in the fire, there was seen a FOURTH MAN IN THE FIRE adorned like the SON OF GOD fellowshipping with them. Our God is available to fellowship with you even amid the fire.

And if God provides a door out, it’s always a door into greatness because God cannot lift you from fire into another fire. Avoid giving up and letting go on your own accord, give God room to lead you out.

I am going to conclude with my favorite scripture.

Hebrews 4:14-16

14 Therefore, since we have a great high priest who has ascended into heaven,[f] Jesus the Son of God, let us hold firmly to the faith we profess. 15 For we do not have a high priest who is unable to empathize with our weaknesses, but we have one who has been tempted in every way, just as we are—yet he did not sin. 16 Let us then approach God’s throne of grace with confidence, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help us in our time of need.


DISCLAIMER: I am glad if my post has encouraged you because writing this has been a way of encouraging myself and reminding myself to stay grounded.




Now also when I am old and grayheaded, O God, forsake me not; until I have shewed thy strength unto this generation, and thy power to every one that is to come ~ Psalms 71:18

Dear Gentle Reader, I pray you are having a fruitful Monday. Allow me to share a mini bible study with you today.

The writer of this Psalm Mr David, desperately wanted God to show His strength through him, as an old man.

He wanted everyone to know God’s power.

The take home lesson today is that as we grow old, we can still show God’s strength.

As we become weaker, we can proclaim how strong He is.

If you are reading this and you are of age do not lose heart as you grow old.

There exist a retired missionary in another continent right now who goes door to door to preach even though he’s walking slowly.

In another part of the continent is another woman who started doing jail ministry long ago and is now decades later faithfully visiting the jail to share the word of God and share a few other basic needs she can share with those in prison.

Whatever God is calling you to, God is greater than your age, Do it.

Don’t use your age as an excuse. The God of the young is still God of the old. Until God takes you away from this world, you have to continue living a life worthy of the calling you received from God.

Pray with me
Lord, as I grow old, let me still serve You faithfully. When I’m weak, help me to show others Your strength. Through wrinkles, let others see the joy on my face that comes only from You. Even if I’m moving slowly, let me still move for You. I will gladly do Your will until my last breath. If I’m on this earth, You have me here for a reason and I want to continue living for You. In Jesus’ name I pray.


Aunty Liz and Uncle John are members of our church who have been childless for 13 years since they got married.

They are both so loving and kind and full of laughter always.

Uncle John is very kind and supportive to Aunty Liz and Aunty Liz the same.

It’s the way they handled me while I was still in school that made me give them the name aunty Liz and uncle John. They were so loving to me and I found an aunty and uncle in them.

Personally I have been praying for them to get a child and always waiting to see aunty Liz expectant.

And thanks be to God because this year God came for a rescue mission and gave them bouncing baby Myles.

I just wanna write this post to lift the name of the Lord for He has done a miracle for my friends.

Victory Belongs to GOD.


Rejoice evermore.Pray without ceasing.In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you ~ 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

Dear Gentle Reader, today is Sunday and I just want to honestly ask you, is there any other place in your life that you feel that you really “rejoice” other than at Church?

Do you take time out of your day to explicitly pray to God, or is it constantly happening in the way you talk and act?

Are you grateful for everything or are you sometimes bitter when things don’t go as you hoped?

Think carefully about this passage, because if you implement the changes that these verses command, your entire life view will be positively altered.

Think about it and you will discover that you already know it is true.

Pray with me
All the glory be to God! I wish to have no evil in my thoughts, precious Lord Jesus, and hope that every moment of my life is spent rejoicing in Your name. I know that I am not perfect; no, I am far from it. Forgive me for neglecting the virtues bestowed on me by You, and help me to pray constantly in the subconscious of my mind. If I do this, I know that every moment of everyday will be filled with thanksgiving, as I feel with this prayer. Amen.

Have a blessed Sunday full of rejoicing and thanks giving.


Cast me not off in the time of old age; forsake me not when my strength faileth. ~ Psalms 71:9

Dear Gentle Reader, the first and second greatest commandments are to love God and love your neighbor as your self.

This verse in Psalms reminds us that it is not Christ-like to forget and neglect the elderly.

If your neighbor is old, and you do not help them when they need help, how is that loving?

When our own kin grow old, how can we love them the way Christ loves the Church?

Do we tell our old folks about Christ?

Do we show the old neighbor the love of Christ?

Growing up my parents were not as present and my grandmothers and grandfather were ever present like God. They introduced me to God, took me to church, fed me on nice foods and showed me unconditional love.

I am reminded of my first time in school, I didn’t want to stay away from my grandmother ~ Dad’s mum Rosa and she went to school with me and stayed together with me till midday when we walked back home together. She did this until I had made friends around school and was able to read, play and sleep together with others without needing her around.

My mum’s mum Christiana was perfect as well. My mum tells me that when she was a new mum, she was always very sleepy and so she would let me breastfeed as she slept😂in the night I would have milk dripping allover me😂inside my ears, inside my eyes allover my face😂and my grandmother always creeped into my mum’s room to rescue me from drowning in milk 😂 may Christina Rest in Perfect Peace 🕊️

Their love has made me very compassionate about the elderly. Oftentimes when I see an old person cross the road, I am driven to hold their hands lol…😆. At work I give priority to all the elderly, it never matters how long the queue is, I always leave my desk and go for the old grandma or old grandpa at the back. Because to me old people are precious and valuable.

However, so many people who didn’t interact with their old folks growing up have no compassion for old people. So many old people stay lonely in their homes and even their children or neighbors don’t care to give them the attention they need. It hurts me.

Today I just wanted to remind y’all that the people who are old are the ones who cared for us when we were young and helpless. It is our duty to care for them when they are old.

Let’s Pray 🙏

Dear Lord Jesus, I pray for the older people who do not know You. I pray they will find Your love and joy. Let them lean on You for strength and understanding. Help them to smile and live out the remainder of their days for You. Get them the word if they don’t have access to it. Bring Christians into their lives to speak life into them. You are the God who cares for the young and old, weak and strong, rich and poor. Bless our elderly and teach us how to care and honor them. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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