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Dear Gentle Reader,
How costly and painful some life lessons are and isn’t it just amazing how God is ready and willing to take us through them.

Moses was in ‘the backside of the desert’, says the King James Bible. The palace drop-out stood before the burning bush a broken man, haunted by his inadequacy.

With excuses! When God called him, this stammerer was packed with more ‘buts’. As he tried to stammer home his point, he even had the audacity to imply that his deficiencies were bigger than God. What a micro-challenge to the One who fashions mouths?

Yet it was Moses, the poor shephered in Midian, not the ‘other’ Moses, the headstrong royal, prince of Egypt who was on the brink of greatness and popularity.

Forty years earlier, fresh from his Egyptian education, strong in body, high in status and political pull, with celebrity status, he was keen to help God’s people. But heaven had no use for a budding superstar. Heaven was waiting for a lowly sheep-caretaker. His first personal attempt at victory had to gloriously fail to give way to God’s ways!

Viewed from the final side of the grave, everything tackled in one’s own strength fizzles and fails miserably. Only through God could Moses’- God ordered efforts in time bring success for all eternity.

Perhaps it took the full forty years for this realization to become an unshakeable conviction, but it was worth the wait. It became the secret of Moses’ strength, ridding him off the arrogant independence and pride that would otherwise have fouled and failed his service  and ministry. He became the meekest man on earth. This precious quality is adorned with powerful and eternal promises.

Sorry to say that God may have to walk you through some journeys of failure, to mould you to a precious vessel. To uproot some wrong attitudes and plant and nurture new ones. For many of us, it will take such losses to instill the truth that our own efforts, even when masqueraded as God’s, are still nothing but total failure!

That our education, money, strength, methods, wisdom, popularity and personal attempts aren’t the key to accomplishing godly tasks!

In His divine love, wisdom, power and perfection, the Almighty uses failure and desert seasons to refine us for His very purposes!

Please be aware that some failures and challenges you are going through now might have a higher course. Some tough moments you are going through now are meant to enable you discover your inadequacies, re- mould you, re- direct your path and allow you to follow God in obedience.

Did you say that this is the year of restoration, breakthrough, double portions, elevation and the like? Yes, God will use some tough moments, challenges and even failures to get you there. Be still, learn quickly and pick the life lessons quickly.

Thank you for reading
Blessed week.


Dear Gentle Reader, I pray you had a restful weekend and if you are reading this and your weekend was full of worry, confusion, and tears, I am sending you grace, warm hugs and joy unspeakable.

Ours was eventful. Uncle Sam, Aunty Hellen and family paid us a visit and because, Kenyan elections are set for Tuesday this week and all schools are closed, they came with all their five children.

The brunch was initially scheduled for Saturday, but they decided to postpone it to Sunday, and we had to reschedule it too but with second thoughts because Sunday is church day and coming back home to host visitors is a total hustle. Also, where we live water is pumped on Sunday and a better part of the day there is no water in the house because we live on 3rd floor where water takes forever to arrive. Nobody wants to host many babies in a house where there is no water even if it’s for a minute. Nevertheless, we had done a lot of postponing and we just had to host this brunch no matter the challenges.

When we had a hoot on the gate Nick shouted ‘Woi, they have arrived, and water hasn’t reached our house yet!!’. By this time, I was anxious numb and tired all at the same time, I didn’t know how to react, so I remained quiet. Thank God they arrived and a few minutes later, we had the water trickle into the house. You needed to have seen the relief in our eyes when we had that first drop.

Oh boy! I was happy to see Neema and Paul whom I hadn’t seen in a while because they are boarders in high schools.

Neema goes to Kenya High Girls school, the best girl’s school in the country where all the best performing girls go to. And Paul goes to Alliance Boys High school also, the best boy’s school in the country where all the best performing boys go to.

The rest of the babies are still in Primary School and one of them Anita, who is a candidate and hopes to sit her last examination this year before transitioning to high school didn’t enjoy the visit as much because she was attending an online class. It was so hilarious to see her seated at the corner of the house with her tablet and headphones seriously attending a class and even answering questions while the rest of us laugh loudly at every kind of jokes. Now that’s the disadvantage of advancement in technology because during our time in Primary School, every time we closed down school, there was never another way to attend classes and so we enjoyed every bit of our holidays and only remembered our books the day before schools opening.

Nick had downloaded the movie planet earth, and this kept everyone glued to the TV. I remember this episode where two lions were preying on a baby giraffe and almost took advantage of it, but baby giraffe kicked one of the lions and stepped on it several times and everyone shouted with joy at the victory of baby giraffe. It was so humbling to witness the co-existence of wild animals in the desert, the forest and deep waters as captured by the producers of planet earth movie.

We ate lots of dishes during this brunch. Assortment of fruits, Chicken stew, Beef Stew, Potato chips, Chapati’s, Fried rice, vegetables, Ugali and finally a cup of tea or a glass of juice or both. We had a few foods fail for example, the rice wasn’t as soft as I had thought, if only I tasted the rice while on the fire, I would have added more water but my bad, I didn’t taste it. The potato chips which I had cooked earlier also was slightly hard by the time it was being served. We tried warming the chips on the microwave which helped a bit but still it wasn’t as soft as I had planned and lastly the chicken. The chicken was delivered late, and I had to try cook it fast but even by the time we were serving it, it wasn’t as soft as I had wanted it to be. Nevertheless, the visitors ate everything, so I don’t know whether the foods fail was all in my head or they love hard foods lol…

Time runs so fast when people are having a good time, I don’t know how we got to 5: 30p.m and they had to leave. So, we did a few introductions to the new faces who had attended the brunch too and then everybody was asked to say a few words. When it was Paul’s turn to speak, he just smiled and said he had nothing to say then Nick taught him what to always say in any gathering when he is given time to talk. He taught him using a story.

In this story he said a friend of his who is an old student of Alliance Boys High School was attending a funeral. Everyone was given a chance to speak at the funeral and he appeared composed as though he had a lot to say . However, when it was his time to speak, he went like this…

‘Praise the Lord everyone my name is Nick and I went to Alliance Boys High School. Thank you!’ and everyone clapped and laughed hard as he walked back to his seat.

Nick cracked us up with this story but at the end of the day, Paul learnt the relevant words to always say when asked to say a few words in any gathering.

We prayed together and escorted them to the car and waved as they disappeared in thin air. I thank God for the gift of family, I thank God for opportunity to meet, not for funeral but for laughter and good food.

Thank you ALL for reading. I wish y’all a blessed week full of God’s blessings.


Aunty Liz and Uncle John are members of our church who have been childless for 13 years since they got married.

They are both so loving and kind and full of laughter always.

Uncle John is very kind and supportive to Aunty Liz and Aunty Liz the same.

It’s the way they handled me while I was still in school that made me give them the name aunty Liz and uncle John. They were so loving to me and I found an aunty and uncle in them.

Personally I have been praying for them to get a child and always waiting to see aunty Liz expectant.

And thanks be to God because this year God came for a rescue mission and gave them bouncing baby Myles.

I just wanna write this post to lift the name of the Lord for He has done a miracle for my friends.

Victory Belongs to GOD.


My cousin ordered fried fish and Ugali accompanied by vegetables and I ordered rice, beans and vegetables too.

Dear Friends,
I hope you had a wonderful day and if you encountered some challenges, take heart it’s just the end of the day its not the end of life. Today I want to count a recent blessing I received from God in addition to my huge list of blessings.
Let me give you a background story. When I got employed 4-years ago I made some financial mistakes because I didn’t know that NO is a complete sentence and generally I didn’t know any better when it comes to financial management. I took a huge loan for my father to buy a bus for the church he pastors, another huge loan to pay a deposit for a house I intend to buy on mortgage once the it’s completed and another loan to complete my masters degree. The loan repayment amounts was more than half my net salary and for the longest time I have been having nightmares paying back the loans and surviving on the little change in my bank account.
One early morning in February as I was praying about this dilemma God flashed an idea accross my mind. The idea was to find out which of the three loan providers had the least interest and then apply for another huge loan on top of the existing one and settle the two loans so that I was only left with one loan provider to pay monthly. I wish you saw me that morning, I felt relief even before I went to the office to execute that idea.
God didn’t just stop there, God woke me up last month and flashed another idea accross my mind and this time He wanted me to come up with a working budget plan that would ensure every need is handled comfortably with the income that I have remaining.
I am a disciple student of God and so I did that and it’s just one month down and I have been breathing fresh financial air(if such a thing exists.
Today at noon a cousin of mine passed-by my work place to say hello and I gladly walked her to a restaurant close to my office and asked her to order whatever meal she wanted from the menu and we talked and laughed and encouraged each other as we enjoyed our tasty meals. When we were done I checked the bill and gladly paid it from my pocket without feeling a pinch and I felt grateful to God.

My cousin ordered fried fish and Ugali accompanied by vegetables and I ordered rice, beans and vegetables too.

I was grateful because for the last 4-years I was tied up financially what I would call financial imprisonment. I couldn’t gladly accept a surprise visit to my work place, I couldn’t have dared to walk anyone to a restaurant and ask them to order whatever was on the menu because I didn’t have extra cash to entertain anyone else apart from myself.
I am finally financially FREE courtesy of God’s divine intervention. Not to mean that I am the richest girl on the block, Not at all. God supplied me with divine knowledge that helped organize my finances in such a way that every need  I have is cared for and I am grateful for this.
Join me in celebrating my new blessing, your girl can now care for her needs and the needs of others without worry or anxiety.
My cousin ordered fried fish and Ugali accompanied by vegetables and I ordered rice, beans and vegetables too.
Are you feeling financially constrained? Have you told God about it? I think you should.

Magnify the Lord with me for He has fulfilled…..Philippians 4:19 concerning me that says, “And my God will meet ALL your needs according to his glorious riches in Christ Jesus.” ….

I am listening to million little miracles by Elevation Worship as I write this blog🎶🎶


Glory to God!
My financial victory belongs to Jesus!

Love ❤️

The Godly Princess.


This is today at my cousin Patience new house. Patience is the one in pink Pants. The rest are my aunties and the little kittens are my cousins.

Hi Friends,

I am not one to write personal blogs because I journal alot but this past months have been so overwhelmed to an extent that I couldn’t even sit down to write my experiences in my journal and so I have bottled alot of emotions in my head.

A few WordPress friends have been very supportive to me, especially hilarious posts from ‘Jesusluvsall blog’ always brighten my day, devotionals from ‘manu’s blog’ also strengthen me alot and Dawn’s Blog just to mention but a few.

My friend who lives in Germany called Brian has been doing the most by cracking jokes in our WhatsApp group. Those jokes distract me from myself.

And lastly a colleague of mine called Bridgit has been the big sister that I never had. She is calm, she is a good listener and very compassionate. She is that one human being you can trust with all your emotions because she is there for you no matter what! Isn’t it so funny that when you are going through the most in this life, God brings strangers your way who loves you, cares for you just the way Christ would if He was in human body? Bridgit has been that person to me this past months. God bless her heart!

And so today when my cousin Patience called me and told me she had moved out of her parents house to start life on her own and she had invited our aunties to go and pray over her, I jumped on that invite very fast, I saw that as an opportunity to go and unwind and get out of my head and indeed it was a good time.

I ate rice and minced meat (my favorite meals 😘) and then she added tea 🍵 just before we left. It was a wonderful Saturday plan.

I spent 1,400 on Uber and 500/= on a token of drink and cake for her but I wouldn’t equate this cost to the time we had with family, having conversations, laughing hard and my little cousins who also came were jumping around the house and then aunty Ann sealed it all with a powerful prayer mentioning everyone’s name in her prayer. It was too much joy and blessing to my heart!

I also had two warm Uber drivers going and coming back, we had conversations with the Uber guy who brought me back home about how the clubs have destroyed lives of many female students because along the way we passed several clubs full to capacity and all of them were atleast close to a university. He was telling me that, most young men in university have no money to fund the evening university life and so they do more of what brought them to the university but the girls are funded by old men in big cars who go picking them in the university parkings. What that means after graduation, the girls are wasted but the boys are just beginning their life. I felt sad 😭but again the much I can do is pray that a few university girls would come to the Lord, be saved and secure their future life.

I think I am going to conclude this blog here and I hope to be able to pour my heart to you guys when I feel heavy and overwhelmed but again I am not good with opening up on what I am going through because I always feel a problem shared only makes it hard to heal because now I have so many other people checking my progress and I may lack the luxury of falling and rising until I get it right. But I can do with encouraging moments and gestures from friends and strangers because they go along way to heal my struggles and strength me without my knowledge or effort.

Now off to the bathroom to wash my hair, I am beginning a natural hair journey. This past week I went to work with my open hair without braiding and it was a success. I was fearing it would be too much work making my hair in the morning but it turned out that my hair is actually very soft and manageable. So going forward I will be having my open hair the whole week from Monday to Friday then Saturday is my wash day. I already passed by Best Lady (This is my one stop shop for all affordable hair products). I bought a hair shampoo, conditioner and leave-in treatment and I am going to work on my hair on my own for sometime before I go back to braiding and hope to give you a progress report soonest.

Thanks for Reading my blog and I wish you a blessed Sunday tomorrow. Cheers 🥂


Happy Women’s Day!🌠

Our boss has a tradition of gifting ladies flowers like this once on special occasions e.g. women’s Day, Valentine’s Day et.c. and this means Heaven to me especially.

This is because I am always in a rush to get to work so that I am not late and forget that it’s women’s day or valentine’s day only to be surprised by a flower at the door 😊.

It’s such a beautiful gesture. Cheers to Him 🥂.

To all the women reading this, happy women’s day may this joy flow from me to you!

Oops! And to all the men who loves us and make us feel special, happy women’s Day to you too. When we are happy you are happy too and when we are celebrated you are celebrated too. Feel loved as well.

Happy Women’s Day 2022. 🌠

Hiking Kilimambogo.

Today I was hiking Mt. Kilimambogo mountain. The mountain rises to 2,145m above sea level on a gentle 6km trail. The round hike to the summit and back to the gate covers approximately 12km and is typically completed within 4-6 hours of hiking at a moderate pace. Meet some of the friends we hiked with today.

This is DR. Patrick Njoroge. The best Boss Alive.
This is Ezekiel Tanui the hike organizer also called Mr. Chairman.
This is Dan. My gym instructor. His hard work at the gym just keeps on giving.
This is Juno. My gym mate. We are regulars at the gym and also very slow at freshening up and dressing up. We always report late to work.😅 Also note, the credits to the photos goes to her because she has the best phone yo!
This is Salma. My Muslim friend. My first day at work she offered me her computer to keep myself busy as she went out to run errands. Being idle as a new colleague is the worst experience. She felt my unspoken feelings. One of the best gestures I am not going to forget for a long time.
This is Stanley. My bestie at work. He also doubles up as groundnuts guy at work. Whenever I am hungry at work. I think about Stanley. Everyone needs a stanley at work😅
This is Kelvin. My deskmate at work. Who also doubles up as my laughing gas. No one makes the best jokes like this short guy. He makes my days. He is gonna make me add years everyday and age quick.
This is Mel. It was my first time meeting her. I gave her a hug and we took a selfie.
This is Nick my Ride or Die. He makes me sad and happy all at the same time. Sad thing is I can’t live without him😅
We asked thiz tall guy to take a group selfie because we are vertically disadvantaged😅
This is Vinny. He was ahead of me in under graduate class when we were in the university and again we met up in the post graduate class still doing the same course and we met again at work. Let’s just say this guy has been with me for half my life😅
This is Ken Kibos. My gym mate. I love his conversations. So real, genuine and legit.
This is Emily. My friend from Nakuru. She is lovable and just sweet. She once took me out for a fish date ❤️. I still can remember how full I was that day.
Finally meet my seatmate at the bus today.
I really enjoyed myself.
Tell, me. How was your weekend?
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