“We all wear masks, and COVID-19 requires that we all do but the time comes when we cannot remove them without removing some of our own skin.

Masking is something we all do. We learn it at a young age. It’s the polite stuff…pretending we want to be where we are, hiding our uncertainty, fitting into our peer groups.

Sometimes it’s a coping mechanism when there’s a real and desperate need for it. Pretend everything is ok. Get on with it. Snap out of it.

We all know how to do these things too when the situation demands it.

Masking on a continuous basis is a strange feeling mostly because it isn’t really a feeling at all.

It becomes second nature and you forget that you’re doing it.

Putting masking aside is a scary business too. It means being able to own how you feel and trusting people enough to share it when you can and want to. It means taking risks and sometimes being the one to say something out loud and hope that maybe others will follow.

I’ve come to realize that maybe the best we can do is be true to ourselves in the moment. It’s much, much easier said than done but if we can aim to forget about how we come across and what’s expected of us and just say what our reality right now.

The beautiful thing is that being real encourages the same from others. It leads to those important “me too” moments and the revelations of realizing that we’re not the only ones.

Admitting our reality can be scary when it’s not an easy time.

But it also gives us permission to feel it.

I’m tired. I’m sad. I’m lonely. I’m ok. I’m feeling better. I’m lost. I’m relieved. Say them inwardly and outwardly.

Taking off the mask can be terrifying and painful. But it also allows you to breathe!!! I honestly get tired and bothered!

Finally, I want to thank my Bestie in Christ HERRY CHIC COUNSELS for nominating me for The Whosoever Tag.

Thank you for reading. God Bless!

11 Replies to “TIME TO TAKE OFF YOUR MASK!!!”

  1. Wearing a mask to hide behind those walls we build is the most exhausting thing one can do.
    Although it makes one vulnerable it is freeing to share and be who you are.
    Thanks for sharing this sis. Blessings to you 🤗💙.

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  2. Great article. Thank you for your time. **I know the following will seem too long, and I’ve written much on my site, but if some people are willing, it will also explain why I never wear a mask except around those with compromised immune systems. Here goes. It might be quite eye-opening, and I’ve learned so much from others who think for themselves: Sitting in the waiting room for an appointment, ever count how many people are on their Smart Phones? How many people, if they misplace their Smart Phones, or the Wi-Fi isn’t available, panic? How many people, if they had the opportunity to vacation from all electronics, even at a tropical paradise where everything is hands-on, would turn it down? When we were growing up, before computers were in everyone’s home, there were uncomfortable experiences when the power went out. That meant no television or radio, even record/tape players unless they ran on batteries, which some went scrambling to find. Quite an amazing thing to consider. Back then, it was just television and music/radio. Telephones were land lines: talking only. But today, electronics are becoming everything, even in the car you drive: computer chips, voice controls, and even programs to stop the car before you know of a danger. I know people who weigh their foods on electronic scales. One even has a solar lamp to lighten up your mood in the morning. A friend was given the option to have a defibrillator placed in his chest should he need a jump with information going to the hospital 24/7. We will even have mechanical microbes injected into our veins one day, so these tiny bots can mend tissues, maybe send back information, controlled from outside if it hasn’t been done already. I mean, every thought becomes a product, many of which are electronic, many which are socially connected.
    I wonder how many people understand that we, as people, don’t need electronics for our everyday life. Yes, today, we need them to run businesses, for work, and communications as the dynamics have changed. But in talking with some people, some will admit that about 90% of their online activities is quite unnecessary, but they can’t live without their electronics. It just has become their entire lives. And many seem happy about it. I wonder how they would handle life if somehow, they were stranded on a dessert island, an EMT shorted out all electronics, or if they went to a log cabin for camping and the Wi-Fi was out of range and their car stopped working, no way to contact civilization. Getting back to civilization at least two days walk.
    We see this with all people, young or older. Like maybe, if evolution were true, one day people will be born with a smart phone growing out of their hand or inserted in their brain. Perhaps, one day, people will have technology inserted in their brains, like the microbes above, or chips that give instant communication with hospitals, work, family and friends, so they can be in constant contact with information and the social. Their might even be mental health patients with chips in their brains so constant psychological guidance can be provided 24/7. We’re already seeing a movement in this direction with CDs people sleep to, for many are having difficulty sleeping with their own real thoughts. I don’t think, in many places, we’re that far from that reality. I have to believe, with all the technology here already, talking with amazing robots in companies, that experimentation is far ahead of what we see in the marketplace.
    Now, a bit of what will seem a detour or aside. It seems like a different track, but it isn’t. It regards negativity, stress, and a need to find outlets. It regards the difficulties of life, much of which comes through the television, our politicians, and the media, including the increasing regulations over every aspect of our lives, then all the societal issues constantly in our faces, much designed to create effects in us. It regards what happens when people are used to seeking distractions and instant gratifications, the effect they have on people’s minds. That all the distractions and instant gratifications don’t actually help but sets people us for more problems. And that is part is due to people relying less on themselves then electronics and instant information. **I have to believe, that relying on one’s self also encourages positive chemicals in the brain, which are retarded when we constantly seek out electronics to avoid being alone with our own thoughts. Which means, we would increasingly find difficult living with our own thoughts, then dealing with life on life’s terms.
    I remembered something said way back when, then did a few minutes of research to review, and sure enough, chemicals are released in the brain and body when people are online for a while (People can look that up.). It explains, as I see it, the addiction. Many are just so used to having instant access to electronics, certainly their Smart Phones. We’ve even, out of curiosity, watched people, say, in the doctor’s waiting room, just sort of looking up from time to time while we were talking or reading a magazine. It seems like, any moment of boredom, period of waiting, short or longer, or any discomfort, and out comes the Smart Phone. I suppose, like video games were for us in our college days, being wrapped up in something that completely occupies your attention feels wonderful, until it’s gone. We could literally play video games for hours, even through the night, and time didn’t even seem to exist. Until it was over. Like we were becoming addicted to distraction. Which is also why some of us gave up the video games and only used computers for college or work. But for many of the above, being used to distractions at your fingertips seems to have the effect of displacing people such that they no longer know how to live in reality. They don’t know how to ponder, wonder, observe, have meaningful conversations, or just chit chat.
    But consider life before the electronic age. Some of my relatives grew up without television, some didn’t even have the radio turned on during the day. Ever see children who grow up in the country, without electronics? They seem well-adjusted, often very social with family and friends, and often have no sense of either boredom or looking for something to “entertain” them. Even some who are quiet, not very outgoing, are happy with their own company. And no electronics! I remember a conversation between a radio commentator and a young lady calling in. He asked how she was dealing with the boredom due to the then Covid lockdowns. There was empty space on the radio program. She had no idea what he was talking about. She was living a life of constant reality without thinking it so. Just living real life. And happy. Family, friends, and her own interests. And that’s how we grew up, mostly, before the age of computers. We just lived. Life was its own reality. And we didn’t think about boredom. It wasn’t even a concept. Never even thought about dead time. If someone, early in my life, had asked what we did when bored or unoccupied, I would have looked at them as odd. Wouldn’t know what they were talking about.
    Now for the title. Red versus Blue Pill. Came from “The Matrix” movie. In that movie, the computer systems had taken over the world, but because the Sun had been hidden, they needed another source of power. So, the computer system used people, keeping them in a dream world, so they could be “plugged” into the computer system for power. Our bodies produce energy which the computer system used.
    Also, in the story, which was very interesting, there was one character (Not the main character, but the traitor) who had been unplugged, joining the real world, but dearly wanted to return to the Matrix. He had become so addicted to the artificial world, hating reality, because reality was too boring and difficult for him. He wanted to be unconscious of reality and filled with distractions. So he made a deal with the computer programming to be reinserted into the mainframe, even if it meant turning his back on his friends who were working on awakening everyone. But he wouldn’t have to live with the conflicts of his betrayal because the computer programming promised to erase his memory so he could live a lie in happiness, unconscious of any problems.
    That’s where the blue pill/red pill comes in. We all make that decision every day. Life has its ups and downs. Life is good. But in a world of billions of people, there are going to be differences, difficulties, and problems. And for those who live in reality, they learn how to deal with life. They learn how to deal with those difficulties, and by really living, are truly themselves. Some of the happiest, warmest, kindest, people I’ve ever met are older people. They’ve lived through it all: all the ups and downs. But they lived it. They love their families and friends. And they took the hardships, remembered the good, and are smiling in their later years. The rewards of truly living is happiness, even in the face of difficulties. Without thinking about it, they’ve always chosen the red pill, remaining in the real world.
    But how many people can’t cope with the real world, or, because of always living with distractions, can’t live without their electronics, alcohol, television, computer and such? If people don’t believe “The Matrix” could never happen, they don’t realize, in a sense, it already has. There are people who can’t exist without their iPod, music flowing into their ears constantly, people who fall asleep with the television on, people who work constantly on computers, people who live their entire lives with electronics, that if they were dropped in a cabin in the woods, with no electronics, they would freak out within a few short days if not minutes. We already have, as a result of the Covid lockdowns, many people buying CDs to sleep by, for they can’t even sleep with their own thoughts. But if these people were stuck in the woods, out of accidents, having to live in the real world, work with their hands, they would have difficulties. But I think, in the long run, they would be made better for it, for with time, some would return to the land of the living. They might get comfortable with real conversations, working with their hands, and not every thought being answered by a Smart Phone. You’re curious about a topic? Go talk with someone who knows. Think about it. Ponder. Keep working and doing whatever it is you do, whether hobbies or work.
    We read that there’s a reason people are addicted to cigarettes, drugs, computers, and other electronics, even negativity. One is chemicals given off in the brain and body in these activities. The other is a sense of identity. That reading, whether true or not, was very interesting. In other words, perhaps people “find themselves”, having a sense of self, in those activities, whether positive or negative. Like people who can’t get positive attention seek negative attention. Any attention. Even if it drives them down a path of eventual destruction. Like gambling the family’s resources away. The excitement. The rush. Like cycling or running the marathon though those are real world activities.
    Electronics can be a rush from world of real life. Real life happens in real time. It’s spontaneous with periods of little activity, when people are comfortable in their own skin. In the real world, people don’t have to be constantly distracted. They don’t need instant information. They don’t need to text the moment a thought enters their minds. They’re okay with being alone for they’re not lonely. They can actually be happy in a cabin in the woods, a fire place, a kitchen, and the beautiful forest outside.
    So, yes, if one thinks about it, we have people in the world, that if they could, would volunteer to be inserted into a computer mainframe if the programming met their social and entertainment needs, or perceived needs. They would love to have all their likes, be thought important, and be constantly engaged in activity, never to have to face boredom or discomfort. And we believe, if the Matrix did exist today, many would line up to be plugged in. Yes, if a company existed that offered the ability to be “hooked” mentally into a computer program that mimicked life, but they could control what the program was, like going on a surfing competition, being in an adventure, or saving the world from destruction, perhaps having a ton of online friends, they would rush with their credit cards. In other words, so many of us have been trained to need instant distractions that we are programmable. To a great degree, we already are. And if companies could create Matrixes, tons of people would sell everything to get into those programs. They couldn’t help themselves. They’ve become so very guilty by not living in the real world.
    The greater danger is that by people being this way, it becomes harder for them to resist the wrong influences, even if it’s their votes. And that’s another conversation I leave to the reader to consider. What you’re addicted to owns you. And the people controlling the addiction (like the pusher and the addict) control the addicts. And if people don’t think subliminal information are not in some of these programmings they are sorely misinformed. They begin to fear so many things because they’ve been trained to think this way. To the point that if you fear losing your retirement plan, your health plan, your electronics, you’ll do anything, vote anyway they want, just so you don’t lose what you thought you needed. And that carries a heavy guilt from which requires constant escape, pointing fingers at others who you deem worse, and on and on…. It’s not hard to see. And we hope more and more people discover that real life, with all of its ups and down, with all the high moments with long durations of nothing, which really isn’t nothing but everything, is much better. Like reading a paperback book. Sitting and watching a sunset. Experiencing life with friends and family, not always having to be occupied. Even just being. And when inner conflicts exist, not running away, not looking for quick fixes, and moving forward. We have read of WWII veterans, because of the terrible things the saw and experiences, many in POW camps, living with terrible memories, but through faith, found a way back to happiness. They’ve “relearned” how to be themselves so they aren’t addicted to anything, but living life one day at a time.
    The thing is to live like when we were young, before electronics became everything. And without thinking about what you’re doing. It just happens like when we and our parents were young. Life. No Matrix. The Red Pill of reality. No blue pill. Camping. Fishing. Cleaning the house or mowing the lawn. Playing with siblings and friends. Having real interests. Not constant distractions. Happy in our own skins. Hmmm…

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