Luke 8:46-47

‘But Jesus said, ‘Someone touched me; I know that power has gone out from me.’ Then the woman, seeing that she could not go unnoticed, came trembling and fell at his feet.” ( Luke 8:46-47 NIV )

You remember the woman with an embarrassing but stubborn disease – issue of blood flow ? She had a disease that she couldn’t dare to mention to Jesus in public. Going to Jesus in public would mean Jesus asking her her problem. She decided to be seeking for help in secret by pressing through the crowd but unonimously.

She had been pressing through for more than twelve years -pressing through her pain, the relentless outflow of her life’s blood, the slow drain of her resources, and now this crowd.
She had heard of Jesus, the one Who did wonders and miracles, and she decided that He was the one she needed to reach for her healing. In her weakness she only caught fleeting glimpses of Him through the multitude.

So frail was she from twelve years of physical decline from an embarrassing disease that her slight body was tossed back and forth by the jostling crowd like driftwood in the surf. But she was making progress. Each small glimpse of Jesus seemed to motivate her faith and bring her a little closer.

Then He began moving away from her through the crowd, and now it seemed hopeless that she would ever reach Him. Yet somehow she was getting closer. She had no strength left to spend in wondering how, but this small, private miracle helped her focus her remaining energy on reaching Him. She had to press through.

Perhaps the crowd slowed Jesus to some extent. Everyone was pressing, reaching, calling for Him. From snatches of speech around her that managed to penetrate her determined mind, she learned that a synagogue leader named Jairus had asked Jesus to come to his house and touch his little girl, who was at the point of death.

This news slowed the woman a bit, discouraging her a little as she thought that perhaps she should not delay Jesus who obviously had another appointment. Surely, she wasn’t on any known appointment with Jesus that time hence could not be the priority.

Her life was spent, worthless, gone to the doctors and to the illness.

The little lady had her whole life ahead of her, if Jesus could make it through the crowd in time. What right did a sick woman have to delay Him? The daughter of a ruler of the synagogue must surely have priority.

After all she was anonymous, unnoticed by anyone, written off as already dead by her family, forgotten by friends, and of no interest to physicians who could not help her and for whom she had no more funds.

Weariness overcame her. She stopped for a moment, but something powerful and strong in her seemed to lift her and push her onward, a friendly wave on the hostile sea-faith and determination!

She opened her eyes and there was Jesus, right before her! He was facing the other way though, she could only see his strong back which seemed to beckon her hand. Could she reach Him? She stretched -a little more, once more -and her hand touched His cloak.

Something we might call electricity but for which she had no name, ran through her outstretched arm and into her frail body. As the virtue, the healing power , the power of the purity of Jesus flowed through her, the disease had no choice but to flee her ravaged frame.

New strength rushed in to take the place of the retreating illness. The woman began to straighten up. Muscles long atrophied through disuse began to strengthen. Bones began to shift into place, pulled and held by renewed ligaments.

Her breathing began to deepen, and vital oxygen began to seek out the musty corners of her being. Fresh blood began to course through her with a life -giving flood of health.

‘Who touched me?” Jesus asked. Amidst the crowds pressing Him for a multitude of reasons, He had felt the single desperate touch of faith. She fell at His feet and told her story. Those who had never noticed her before saw a whole and healthy woman before them.

‘Daughter, your faith has healed you. Go in peace and be freed from your suffering” (Mark 5:34 NIV)

Pressing through! We all must do it to touch the Savior. This is what a worship service is ; a time of pressing through to touch Jesus. Today, I urge you to awaken your mind, soul , body and spirit, prepare and tame your attitude, In faith, press through the distractions of the day, the troubles of last weeks, the worries of days to come, the pain and bitterness of past, the businesses and appointments of church or after church, family and friends, the dressing codes , the display of riches, the sophistications in your church, the warped attitudes and bloated egos as well as the noise and concerns of the crowds present today – press through all these hindrances in faith and stretch out your hand in faith and touch the hem of His garment!

I urge you to press through by faith today, I also pray and hope that He will be passing by or present throughout where you will be today!

Have a refreshing day!


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