For one last time, allow reference to the four leprous men of 2Kings 7.

Now there were four men with leprosy at the entrance of the city gate. They said to each other, “Why stay here until we die? 2 Kings 7:3

“why stay here until we die” is a statement of challenge to the status quo….

Have you ever come to a full realisation that at times staying where you are( status quo) may lead to loss of purpose, loss of destiny, confusion or even death? That if you don’t work to change; your current bad behavior, your poor character, your bad attitude, your diet, your state of laziness, your state of blaming everyone and everything, that if you don’t change some stuff about yourself, then you will soon experience some form of ‘death’. Not just physical death but death of purpose , death of a dream and death of a good future?

Have you known that your current state is most likely the resultant combination of your past choices? And that your future too, will be the result of your current choices?

Like the four lepers, we are always faced with two main choices ;staying where we are by simply accepting our bad circumstances and learning to live with them ( accept and move on) or facing our circumstances and working to change them.

Indeed, the lepers understood there were things about their past and present they couldn’t change, but there were others they could change or even attempt to change. They couldn’t change their leprosy, but they could make some attempt to get food for themselves.

You can’t change the fact that you were ; born in a poor region, raised by poor parents, raised by a dysfunctional family, raised up by a single parent, went to a poor school, picked up bad behaviours from some past environments, etc etc…But you can change the effect of all these on your future life.

There are things that could have happened to you in your past which you have no control over, but now you must make a choice that you will also ” happen to things”. Like we said some day ago, the actual action that will bring change must only come from yourself. Only “you” can rescue “you”…

You must get out of comfort, delusion and wishful thinking, realise that you could be faced with imminent death if you don’t change! Could you start by asking God to reveal to you what you must do for you to rescue yourself ? Yes, some friendships might have to be terminated, some new habits practiced, some books read, some new actions taken as old habits strangled ! It is possible to make small and a times feeble steps like those of the lepers towards changing your destiny !

May you come to terms with the truth that you can actually work to change your present and your future instead of blaming your past , your absent parents, your government and everyone else.

I have witnessed people with lowly backgrounds taking charge of their lives and succeeding where some people of better privileges haven’t succeed. Yes, some orphans, some single parents, some widows, some fellows from very poor backgrounds, yes some prostitutes, some sinners ….some drug addicts , some non- graduates…of cause not all but some of them, have dared to squarely face their unpleasant circumstances, stopped blaming others and took small but radical steps that over time have set them on paths of success…

May be, just may be…could you ask yourself the tough question like the four lepers…..

Must you stay where you are till you die?

Must you die poor? Must your marriage or relationship not always work ? Must you always stay in bitterness? Must you be violent always? Must you ???

Please join the change movement….


Great day!


  1. Anyone can change to some degree, but not everyone does. It is not surprising, considering that to change you need to be aware that you can do it. Sometimes, the fear of uncertainty, of not knowing exactly what is going to happen, or the obstacles with which to change, is so great. You will find yourself if you make a change, that you stay anchored in a harmful or conflictive situation for you. As you say, you just have to have a lot of willpower to take on the changes.
    It has been an uplifting reading that helps us think about how we should face the changes in our lives.
    My greetings

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  2. Truly powerful message today. We all have a choice to better our future path. There is no point in just complaining about what we have been dealt with but like you said take charge and make a difference to what can be ahead.
    The same way if we want to be closer to God and grow spiritually we have to be intentional about the choices we make about spending time with God and in His word.
    Thanks for sharing Cynthia.

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  3. Sometimes the call for change includes a simple move from we have been good or bad to God’s better. We like comfort and generally resist change or taking chances. But if God is doing the calling we have nothing to lose and much to gain.


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