Dear Reader,

This blog post was influenced by what happened to me this morning. I woke up at the sound of my alarm, wore my work-out gear and got ready for my morning run and then boom! When I was just about to leave, while setting up my headphones because I usually listen to music as I run, the Bluetooth became indiscoverable. I tried putting the phone on and off but still failed. This took me 20 minutes’ sobs sobs. I became so impatient and I felt anger rage heavily inside of me but then, the voice of the Holy Spirit calmed my nerves and I got out and went for the run without the music. I bet you don’t want to know what happened when I came back and tried the headphone again? It worked!

I think I am justified to say, this morning I came face to face with the demon that destroys a whole day by just ruining one thing in the morning. To avoid overthinking it, I decided to squeeze my mind and put down things to watch out for in the morning in order to safeguard the serenity of your day. I bet there are many more but squeezing my mind doesn’t help for now.


Literally, I am a creature of habit and I follow a specific program for everything. I always want my mornings to start with a specific pattern. If I dare fall asleep even for 5 minutes everything will go wrong. If you are that kind of a person. Obey the sound of your Alarm.


This is frustrating and even more than number 1. I prefer motorcycle when I know that I will be late but there are these days that traffic is so dense, that even a motorcycle cannot move freely amongst the cars. Even if I am not going to be late at work, traffic can definitely ruin my day. If you are that kind of person who gets irritated at the sight of traffic. You need to practice mindfulness when you know the traffic is beyond control. You are not alone in this jam. Please!


You have woken up in a great mood, you made the best coffee ever, you had a fully nutritious and delightful breakfast, you enjoyed a great sunny day on the way to work and…Unfortunately your manager didn’t wake up well. With or without a cause, he/she starts being offensive and it is your fault. The mood of a person close to you (or a superior) can directly affect yours without much effort. Again on this, practice mindfulness. There are lots of books, videos and articles on mindfulness take time to learn about it.


It can get even worse if I did not manage to drink even a little bit! Come on fate, what did I do to you?! After taking my time to prepare it and then let’s say, it spills on your best suit. Oh Boy! Breaaaath in and out because if you don’t you might break the office windows.


New mothers hello, do you feel me?

Hugs and kisses to you.

imagine yourself getting ready for gym and then your baby starts to cry and might tear the whole damn roof? Or a sudden leg pain starts bugging you, or preparing to go for a walk with a friend on a sunny day-off, ending up fully dressed on your bed, because he fell asleep or had it cancelled for whatever reason. Did I say Breath? Oh God! I am saying breath as in breathing in and out is the solution to all problems but at this point all you need is breath in and out heavier because if you don’t you might give that child out for adoption or write your friend a long abusive text and embarrass yourself.


I understand how the earth’s rotational periods affect the weather pattern and I know that I am not supposed to enjoy the sun every day. Though, having planned sally on a Sunday morning only to cancel it due to a cloudy or rainy weather sucks. Or the Alarm rings on Monday morning and it signals heavy rains to start falling. More breathing is still needed here sis

Best of Lack!


    1. That’s the best prayer everyone should make when something is getting on their nerves. Will definitely save it. I learnt my lesson to never allow anger steal my life from me. When something seems like a mountain,with a little patience it comes down crambling. Love you honey.always looking forward to your word🙏

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  1. I have definitely been where you were. I had some “crazy mom” days when my kids were little. I have beat myself up over “silly” things that really didn’t matter. Now, I can look back on those days without regret & pain becasue I know that God is bigger then any temper tantrum that I can throw. AND He has forgiven me. God is ❤

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    1. Pray for us young mums. The devil finds a leeway every day. If I would stop following Jesus for a micro second and drop that Cross, the devil would steal me, kill me and destroy me like a fly🙆it’s hard. We need fresh grace everyday.

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